Confession of a new sub

Victoria in a Syrene latex. Den of Iniquity dungeon, Los Angeles.

Victoria in a Syrene latex. Den of Iniquity dungeon, Los Angeles.

Confessions of a New Sub I have to admit that although I have been interested in this scene for some time, I had never tried out being a sub before my encounter with Mistress Victoria. I had been to the clubs, I had seen breathtaking Dommes doing incredible things to their subs; and fantasized passionately about being under the power of one of them. But when I first arrived at Mistress Victoria’s door I confess I was so nervous that I almost turned away. What if I could not satisfy her?

But my fears instantly began dissolving as soon as she opened the door; replaced, instead, with wild excitement. There she stood before me, her body moving with snakelike grace under the shiny latex suit. As my gaze travelled up the suit I came to look straight into her mesmeric eyes; which instantly began igniting a desire within me that I have never previously felt.

We began the session, and I was instantly captivated by those intensely dazzling eyes. She started commanding me, so intently and with such disarming confidence that I had to obey, even before she physically touched me. But her eyes and her voice were enough; one word and I was begging to do her every whim. She has a special kind of power; not forceful or violent really, but much more insinuating. The subtlety of her voice and her incredible presence work together to create a much more intense and passionate atmosphere than I could have imagined in my wildest fantasies. And after a session with Mistress Victoria, I have to say that my fantasies have become distinctly wilder.

She has opened up my eyes to the wonderful potential of sub/domme relationships; and I want, oh so much more. She dominates exquisitely, but it is the mesmeric beauty of her voice and the way her body moves under the sleek and shiny latex which really make the experience unforgettable.

Every movement she makes with that fantastically slinky body is like a dance, and it is impossible not to dance with her once she has you under her spell.  I found myself gazing at her entranced: from her long, flowing blonde hair, to her sleekly rippling curves and down to her beautiful feet; their splendour enhanced by her erotic high-heeled boots, which she definitely knows how to use.

Even now, many days after our meeting, I still feel a thrill of titillation running through me every time I happen to hear the tap, tap of high heels. In an instant I am transported back to Mistress Victoria’s dungeon, her heel planted exquisitely in my chest as I howl with tortured pleasure.

For me, those boots were really the pinnacle of my first sub experience. The way she uses them has me on my hands and knees, worshipping her; adoring her; not simply her domination but everything about her entire being.

We spent most of that heavenly session concentrating on those tantalizing feet of hers. But this has in no way quenched my hunger. No, I want to explore more; not just her feet, but every trick she has at her disposal (and I can see, from her confidence and clear enjoyment of this, that she has many). She stimulates every sense of mine; to the point where now I feel more aware in general of the way that things feel.

Mistress Victoria has created in me a truly lasting impression; I feel highly honored to have had such a playfully ferocious expert as my first Domme. This was an experience I am slavishly keen to repeat.

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