Disobedient Husband

Victoria in a sexy tiger latex pants.

Victoria in a sexy tiger latex pants.

While I am not a marriage counselor, I can certainly help with some marital problems, especially those where the husband refuses to obey. Kelly contacted me with an urgent need to have some professional help training her ill-behaved husband. Kelly's biggest turn-on was fucking her husband with a strap-on, but despite her best efforts, her husband could not be compelled to consistently put her needs ahead of his own. More than once in the past week, he had gotten off before she had been able to fuck him, and he had made such a fuss when she started to fuck him anyway that he had been unable to fulfill his obligations to her. She sent me a copy of their contract, and sure enough, he was committing a major breach of his duties to her. I agreed to help them as soon as possible.

I knew that there were two parts to the disobedient husband's training: 1) he had to be disciplined for the error of his ways, and 2) he needed to see the reward of doing as he knew he should. When they arrived, I had the room ready with candles that lined the perimeter of the room and cast a warm glow on the spanking bench and sling.

Kelly entered first, and I was impressed: her platinum blonde hair trailed down her back, and she accentuated it with silver-colored lipstick and light eye shadow. Her body was scorching hot, and I looked forward to seeing her in action.

Her husband followed behind her, acting like a little bitch, needing to learn a proper behavior.

Kelly introduced herself and her husband and reiterated the reason they had come to me: her husband was disobedient!

"Is this true?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I hang up a phone on her couple of times,” he replied.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" I pressed, and he shrugged.

"You don't act like a good husband," I chided, "and I intend to see that you do."

He shrugged again, and Kelly looked at mischievously. Such behavior just wouldn't do.

"Strip," I told him simply. A pop from my crop on his calf got him moving.

Soon he wore nothing but his leopard tank top and sexy panties. He needed to feel the humiliation of being put in his rightful place. He blushed red and was shaking from excitement about what’s coming next.

"Now, show me how things would normally go," I said to Kelly.

She stood and said, "Slut-whore, go get your toy."

The husband went to a duffel bag that he had carried in and took out a long, thin dildo attached to a harness. As soon as he touched it, his cock grew hard underneath his leopard-print panties, although he blushed again at seeing me perform his duties.

"Put it on," Kelly said.

He knelt at her feet and reached up under her dress to fasten the harness around her waist and under her crotch, his hard-on raging.

"Assume the position," Kelly ordered, and the man-slave spread his legs and pushed his ass up in the air, supporting himself with his forearms and the balls of his feet.

Yet no sooner was he in position than he gasped and his body shook. A dark, wet spot appeared at the top of his panties.

I was on him in an instant. Taking him over my knee, I delivered ten hard swats to his ass with a cane.

"Bad slut-whore!" I bellowed at him. "You do not cum until you're told to!"

When I finished, he continued to lay over my leg, whimpering, yet his cock had already started to get hard again.

"Your Mistress has not gotten off, yet, you ungrateful slave," I chastised him. "And now you owe it to her to fulfill your obligations."

A nervous look painted itself on his face, and his eyes grew wide.

"But first," I said, "you must prepare me, too." I pointed behind him, and he turned to look at a huge linen cabinet.

"Bring my strap-on and put it on me," I ordered.

He went nervously, his cock growing harder still. Opening the wooden cabinet, he found my strap-on, clean and ready to go, on its own shelf at about eye level.

He swallowed and gingerly picked it up, but his cock throbbed inside his leopard panties as he made his way back. He wasn't fooling anyone. Putting his arms around my waist, he fastened the strap-on. As he sat back, his body tensed, and I saw the telltale look of an imminent orgasm.

Moving swiftly, I pulled him over my knee and gave him five hard swats. He cried out, his cock throbbing, but the danger of his getting off had been avoided.

"You see that?" I asked Kelly. "You have to be fast, but you can control it for him." She nodded. "Now, what do you want him to do?"

Kelly's face lit up with excitement as she gave the order. "Come suck on this cock, you slut-whore!" she barked.

Her husband's cock remained rock-hard as he went to her to do as told. He took the dildo into his mouth and began to lick and nurse it before she pushed it down his throat, thrusting in and out of his mouth. Her lithe body undulated with the movement. With him distracted, I stepped up behind him. Kelly ordered him into position, and I pushed my own hard cock into his ass. He moaned piteously around the cock in his mouth, but his dick never softened. I pushed in up to the hilt and then began to fuck him in time to his wife's thrusts into his mouth. His body began to thrust back against my invading cock, and a drip of precum began to escape the fabric of his leopard-skin panties.

Suddenly, his ass clamped down hard on my cock. I pulled out fast and gave him five more swats to the ass. He groaned on his wife's cock, but he did not get off. I pushed back in and continued fucking him, pressing my hips against his well-spanked ass.

"Slave," Kelly ordered, her breathing raspy with the excitement of what had just happened, "take off my cock and service me."

As I continued to fuck his ass, her husband reached around her and took off the strap-on. Whimpering more freely without the cock in his mouth, he moved his mouth up to her sex and began to lick, suck, and nibble on her. She took a seat in front of him and held on tightly as his tongue, fueled by the fierce sensations I was giving him in his ass, darted frantically over her sex. At last she could stand it no more, and she orgasmed hard, pulling his head tightly against her as she did. She and I exchanged glances, and she shook her head: it wasn't time for her slut-whore to get off, yet. I continued to fuck him, but anytime he got close, I stopped and spanked him, ensuring that he could not fail his wife again.

His wife then guided his head down to the boots she wore on her feet. "Lick them, slut-whore," she said to him emphatically. "Worship them well, and you'll be allowed to get off."

As I fucked him harder and harder in his ass, he did his wife's bidding, licking over every stitch, seam, and eyelet. His cock rose again, and I glanced at Kelly. She gave an almost imperceptible nod, and I changed my thrusting to match her slave's contractions on my cock. The slut-whore cried out loudly and came hard, his cum even shooting out the top of his panties as his wife held his head.

"Good boy," Kelly cooed. "Now thank Mistress Victoria."

I pulled out of him, and he turned slowly to me. He took my right boot in his hands and began kissing and licking it reverently. I nodded approvingly.

"Good, slave," I told him. "You are going to obey your wife from now on, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress," he mumbled from around my boot.

"Good. And you are not going to hang up the phone ever again, while she talks, is that right?

"No, Mistress," he said, his voice earnest.

“Good Boy!”

In that moment I felt like the mission was accomplished.. At least for a while..