Double Queening Session

Victoria in black.

Victoria in black.

When Luke contacted me curious about queening, I knew that this was an opportunity for this Mistress to share his tongue with Christie, a Domme girlfriend of mine who happened to be in town last weekend. It had been quite a while since I had my favorite queening stool out, and gave it a good dusting and made sure the lock still worked. There was no reason to let Luke out once he started, after all. I finished just in time to greet Christie at the door. I've always been struck by her beauty: shoulder-length dark brown hair contrasting fiercely with bright green eyes, a fair complexion on an oval face with high cheekbones, and a petite but strong body. Her floral-print dress that reminded me of springtime, kept alive by her youthful energy.

"Welcome!" I said, beaming.

"Victoria, so good to see you!" she beamed back.

We embraced, and I offered her something to drink while we waited on Luke to arrive, taking the time to catch up.

At 7:00 sharp, there was a knock at the door. I opened it to reveal a man of average build with light brown hair and a timid smile.

"Mistress Victoria?" he asked uncertainly.

Admittedly, my signature look might be a bit daunting: red is my color, and I wear it well on my fingernails, on my feet, and on my bodycon dress.

"Yes, Luke. Come in," I said kindly and reached out to gently escort him in by his shoulder. He smiled nervously at Christie as he entered. I took a seat next to Christie in an arm chair and sat looking at Luke. I had placed the queening box on the floor in front of the two of us, and he gave it a furtive glance. His feet fidgeted, but I could see the hint of recognition and the way his breathing increased ever so slightly.

"Would you like to get started?" I asked him. His face brightened, and he nodded eagerly.

"Are you willing to earn your place inside my box?" I asked him pointedly. He swallowed and nodded.

"Good boy." I instructed him to massage Christie's legs, and he dutifully went to her, sat at her feet, and ran his hands up under her dress. Her legs spread as his hands made their way to her calves and began to rub them gently.

I took a seat next to them, and Luke split his attention between the two of us, his right hand working the muscles of Christie's calf; his left, my calves. It felt wonderful, and I stretched my legs out to give him better access. His hands were strong but gentle, and I felt the tension draining from my legs.

Fearing myself about to doze off from the pleasant sensations, I put up a hand to stop him.

"Well done," I said. Deliberately taking the key from a little belt around my waist, I took my time in unlocking the padlock that kept the box closed and swung the top open silently on its hinges.

"In you go," I coaxed Luke, who bit his lip and swallowed. His desire to do this was evident, but he was nervous. I am always more than happy to provide strong guidance for the men who need it.

He lay down inside the box with his face facing up. I carefully closed the lid to make sure his face lined up with the hole and to make sure that I didn't smash his chin.

"All right?" I asked him.

He nodded faintly in the box; it was all the box would allow.

"Good," I said.

With a slow, deliberate motion, I locked the box closed. The lock clicked shut loudly, and I could see the look of anticipation on Luke's face. Standing, I smiled down at him and extended a hand in invitation to Christie to join us.

"Would you like to go first?" I asked her. She smiled and nodded, rising from her seat to join us at the box. I helped her to position herself over Luke's face as she sat down, the freshly polished wood and leather padding pressing against her bottom.

"All set?" I asked, and Christie nodded. "All right, Luke," I said. "You may begin."

"Oh!" Christie said almost immediately, her face lighting up.

Luke hadn't been able to bear the anticipation anymore, and as soon as I gave the word, he had reached up to stroke her sex with his tongue. A growing lump in Luke's pants told me that he was enjoying himself, and I ran my fingers over it through the fabric.

"Good boy," I said, patting his package. Serve her right: build her excitement slowly.

The look on Christie's face told me that Luke was following instructions very well. His tongue licked over her tender folds, and her toes curled inside her sandals as he sent thrills up her spine. She rewarded him with the nectar of her womb, which grew ripe and moist at his tongue's touch. Their breathing increased together: hers from her nearing climax, and his from the excitement of having his fantasy fulfilled.

"Ohhh," Christie moaned, her chest heaving with anticipation. "Ohh!"

She pressed herself down hard on the box, driving the tongue beneath her into her folds as her climax hit, and she rewarded her faithful subject with a squirt from her orgasm. I ran my fingernails over Luke's crotch encouragingly as he drank in his reward.

At last, Christie sat back, relieved and looking blissful.

"Oh, he's good," she said breathlessly. I held out my hand to help her up, and she stood, her legs a little wobbly. "You've gotta try him," she encouraged me. Not that I needed encouragement! Her sounds of pleasure were encouragement enough for me. I looked down at Luke's face inside the box.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" I asked him.

"Mm, yes, Mistress," he said excitedly.

"Ready for another?" I asked him.

The box lifted up slightly as he nodded.

"Good boy," I told him, and with Christie's help, I sat down on the box above him, hiking my dress up to give him proper access. I could feel the heat of his breath on my pudendum, and already I felt wet.

"You may begin," I told him, tapping the side of the box lightly.

Instantly, his tongue was on me, and I felt a thrill as it made first contact. He lapped at the sides of my pussy, first one side and then the other. There was a pause as he savored the moment, and then his tongue dipped between my folds, making me shudder and gasp. I felt my heart flutter as my sex parted for him, and I inhaled sharply, leaning forward to give him access to my clit.

"Good," I cooed as I leaned forward to stroke his crotch, which was now very solidly pressed against his jeans. Christie sat lightly touching herself in excitement.

Luke's tongue pressed forward and grazed my clit. I saw stars as my orgasm surged through me, and I felt Luke's reward surge from me into his greedy mouth below. As he accepted his reward, his tongue never faltered, pleasuring me until my orgasm finished.

"Ohh," I sighed. My head felt light as I got to my feet. It is wonderful to enjoy an orgasm once in a while. I stood a moment, letting my head clear, and then I stooped over to let Luke out.

"You did very well," I praised him once he was out. "Would you like your reward?"

He swallowed and timidly nodded. The bulge in his pants had never ceased. I bade him stand in front of Christie, and she rose to massage his shoulders. I gave a seductive look and swayed my hips in front of him, moving my body in rhythm to the quiet ambient music in the room. With a pop, I freed his package from his trousers, and it throbbed against his underwear. With a stroke of a red fingernail, I freed him from those, as well, his throbbing cock bursting from its prison. But it wasn't time just yet for his reward. I danced to the music a little more, grazing his needy body with my dress as I moved.

The time had come. I ran a fingernail up the bottom side of his cock, and he came instantly, doubled over as his pent-up excitement left him. As Christie finished rubbing his shoulders, I knew it had been a good time for all of us.