Foot Fetish Fantasy



John, (not his real name but it serves a purpose,) adores feet. Ever since he could remember there had been something about them which he craved; something which created a need deep inside him which no-one had been able to satiate. That was until he had the good fortune to meet his Mistress. She knew what he wanted and how to make him happy. His wife would never have understood his needs in the same way as his Mistress did. And this is why he spent every available spare hour at her feet, worshipping them.

My stomach is doing flips as I wait for my Mistress to open her door to me. My eyes are firmly fixed on the floor, not only because I know better than to try and initiate eye contact, but also because that means the first thing I glimpse will be her feet. I hope that she is wearing my favorite thigh-high boots today. They are leather and smell sumptuous, both on the outside and the inside. I will try very hard to please her today because I know that if she is happy with my behavior then I may be allowed to lick the inner soles. My cock twitches with anticipation and my stomach does another dance when I hear her footsteps.

The door opens and I keep my eyes to the floor. She’s wearing them! The boots are shiny black leather which has been highly polished, so much so that I can actually see my reflection in them. I cannot see the heels from where I am standing, but I hope they are dirty. “Good afternoon Mistress,” I whisper, my face firmly pointed downward.

“Look at me John”, she intones in her quiet voice.

I dare to glance upward and I am so glad that I did. She is wearing a black rubber bra with the smallest of matching G-strings nestled against her smooth pussy. I swear I can smell it from here! Below the G-string there is a band of creamy white flesh which quickly disappears into the lace top of her nylon stockings.

Everything about her smells so good and I sniff the air appreciatively, waiting for the admonishment which I am certain, (and hopeful,) will follow. But today she is patient and thoughtful. “Come in”. She stands back to allow me entry and I am upset that I have not received a small punishment for sniffing her before being given permission. It comes, quicker than I had thought. The sharp sting of her hand across my cheek again makes my cock do its own private dance inside my shorts. I’m glad that I wore the loose ones today because I don’t know how long I will be able to hold off from cumming if she continues to treat me like this. And I did want to make it last today.

My Goddess clicks her fingers and I know that is my signal to get onto my knees before her. “I’m tired today John so you may begin”. She sits down on the boudoir chair and I quickly lift her foot into my lap. She must have been walking outside in the boots as the heels are grimed with dirt which I eagerly lick clean for her. She deserves to have clean boots as she works so hard.

I look upward hopefully. She nods her agreement and I pull the zipper of her boots down and remove them. My cock is so hard now that it is becoming almost painful. I tug at my crotch trying to get comfortable. “Not yet!” I stop immediately and move to her stockings which I roll down in the way I know she likes. The smell of unwashed feet assails my nostrils immediately and I can feel pre-cum dribbling from the end of my dick as my tongue pokes between two of her toes. I suck gratefully on her big toe which is almost like having a mini cock in my mouth.

I move my mouth briefly to beg her. “Please Mistress?” The unasked question hangs in the air while I await her response, daring to look her in the eyes. She nods again and I swiftly pull my shorts down to reveal my throbbing dick. Picking up her discarded boot I push my erection inside and rub it over the insole. That is all it takes to make it erupt. Great thick strings of cum shoot from me and I throw back my head in ecstasy as I dirty allover her boots.

“You know what you need to do”, she orders and I quickly slurp at my own ejaculate, heaving at the taste, but knowing it must be done. “Good boy” she pats my head as I make sure to swallow every last drop.