New Latex Dress

Victoria trying on a new latex dress by Atsuko Kudo.

Victoria trying on a new latex dress by Atsuko Kudo.

The door opened, and I smiled to myself, breathing in the smell of Mistress Victoria's clean carpet on which my face was pressed.  The door closed.  From my prone position on the floor, I couldn't see her, but I heard her footsteps.  She must have been wearing stilettos, my favorite.  All I could see, though, was the Berber carpet beneath me. Sudden pressure between my shoulders.  Ohh, yes.  I felt the ball of her shoe in the small of my back and the spike of her heel on my shoulder.  I winced as she put her full weight on me, trampling me like the carpet I was on her way into the room.

All too soon, the pressure was gone, and I heard her footsteps moving out of the room.

"I'll be a minute, Carpet," she said casually as she left.  Right.  I'd forgotten: she was just getting home and would want to change into something more comfortable. wouldn't be long, and those sharp heels would be digging into me.

"Flip over, Carpet," her voice said from the other room.

As I did as told, I paused mid-flip.  She wore a black, latex dress that came down only a few inches below her crotch.  Her nipples poked through little holes made specifically for them, and her feet, as I'd guessed, sported tall platform shoes with stiletto-spike heels. But the thing that gave me pause was her ass, the bottom curve of which peeked out from underneath that latex dress.  My breath caught.  My desire to be walked upon by those enticing heels would have to wait.  Something much more important had suddenly captured my attention.

"Mistress," I said hesitantly but resolutely.

"Yes, Carpet, what is it?" Mistress asked, surprised at the delay in my flipping over for her.

"I know that we'd agreed to have you walk on me, Mistress, but your Carpet begs a change of plans."

"Speak, Carpet," Mistress said, her eyes narrowed with intrigue.

"Your derriere, Mistress," I replied, feeling a surge of excitement building inside me.  "I wish to pay it homage."

Mistress watched me a minute, rolling the idea over in her mind.  Finally, she nodded.

"Very well, Carpet," she said.  "Come.  Pay your homage."

"Oh, thank you, Mistress," I said, taking an excited breath and scrambling to my knees.  Mistress's expression registered amusement as I approached.  I hoped to change her expression to one that reflected the solemnity that her buttocks desired.

As I drew near, I could feel the heat of Mistress's body radiating from her, could feel the tugging allure of her bottom.  I reverently brought my lips to the latex on her dress, closing my eyes respectfully.  The latex, warmed by her body, was smooth against my lips as I trailed them down the soft, gentle curve of her posterior.  When I reached the bottom of her dress, I moved my lips to my left, traversing from the outside of her right buttock, past the cleft, and over the hump of her left buttock.  Her clean smell, the smell of the latex, and the latex's smooth softness made my nose and lips tingle and buzz in anticipation.

"Mistress," I whispered.  "May I?"

"Yes, Carpet," Mistress replied, her voice solemn and almost awe-stricken.

I slowly lifted my arms, bringing my fingers to her round orbs.  "Ohh," I gasped.  They were firm to my touch, toned, yet soft.  The perfect ass.  I let my fingers meander lower, down to the edge of her dress, and when my fingers touched her skin, I sighed in pleasure.  Softer still than the latex, her skin felt as though it were covered in rabbit fur.

I could not stand the anticipation any longer, and silently apologizing to Mistress's rear for my impatience, I let my fingers slip under the edge of her dress, ever so slowly lifting it.

"Oh," Mistress sighed at my touch, and I heard her take in a breath.

As the latex rolled up, exposing her supple mounds, I brought my lips again to the one on the right, and my tongue followed soon after.  If the feeling of her tender skin was titillating to my fingertips, it was electrifying to my tongue as I followed the smooth surface to the cleft.  She was impeccably clean, and feeling my cock raging in excitement, I pushed my tongue between her twin hills.  The heat between them was intense, and she tasted exquisite.  The firm resistance of her buttocks on my tongue sent a thrill straight to my balls.  And oh, so clean.  I desperately wanted more, but I willed myself to make it last, to pay her hiney the tribute it deserved.

As I took long, slow laps at her cleft, sticking my tongue ever deeper into the crevice, I heard Mistress gasp, and then moan as her fanny made its will known: it would have me.

Letting out a relieved, excited sigh, I watched her haunches part, inviting my tongue to frolic between them.  I began painting her buttock with laps from my tongue, moving ever closer to that sacred place.  The nearer I got, the more Mistress's arse implored me further and further in.

And then my tongue's pilgrimage was complete.  I tasted her orifice, running my tongue over the little donut, savoring her unique taste.  My cock raged, and I felt my body getting hot.  It wouldn't be long now.  My tongue pressed inside, and Mistress's body arched back to receive it.  My tongue's ministrations had made her so pent-up with excitement that the sensation of my tongue's entry made her buck.  I think she orgasmed; I know I did.  I winced as my cock drained itself in my underwear, gasping hot air between her cheeks.

Both of us were fuzzyheaded for a while.  When I could finally speak, I whispered, "Thank you, Mistress," lying on the floor at her feet.

"No, thank you," Mistress replied, smiling down at me.  "Your tribute pleases me.  You have been a good carpet."

With that, she put her stilettoed foot on my groin and stepped over me.

"See you next time, Carpet," she said as she disappeared.  What a perfect day!  I couldn't wait until next time!