Nurse Fantasy

Den of Iniquity, Medical Room. Victoria wearing a Syrene latex dress.

Den of Iniquity, Medical Room. Victoria wearing a Syrene latex dress.

It’s so cold underneath my skin – this medical table that sits in the corner of My play space. I love the chill that it sends up My skin, as I know that later tonight it’ll be doing the same to my newest slave. He’s got a bit of a naughty nurse fetish, and I’m going to deliver his fantasy in a way that he’ll never forget.

As I look over my tools all spread out – basics like medical tape and bandages, and a few specific toys that he has requested like the sounding rods - I start to plan out the progress of this session in my head. You see, I don’t work off a solitary script. I love to hear what My slaves fantasize about, and build My sessions around those. He’s asked for a ‘naughty boy got hurt’ style scenario, where the kinky nurse not only punishes him for his behavior, but makes it all better with Her treatment. How it all plays out is totally up to Me. (As it really should be, correct?)

This table is ice cold. I’ve contemplated putting some kind of cover on it, just to make it a bit more comfortable. But really – is that needed for this session? The more I think about it, the more I don’t think so. This naughty little boy has been quite mischievous, and needs a level of punishment along with his examination and treatment. I think I’ll leave it uncovered, and make sure that the cold doesn’t affect other parts of his body. That would just be one more part of his body that needs My attention, wouldn’t it?

And how will I end the night? Well, that all depends on how good of a patient My little boy has been. The nurse will see you, now...