Nylon Fetish

May I whip you baby?

May I whip you baby?

You want to spoil your Mistress, don’t you? My newest slave sure knows how to please Me in ways that almost make him worthy of My continued affections. This little deviant has a bit of a nylon fetish, like a lot of my subs. I ordinarily do not allow my slaves to tell Me what to wear, but in this particular case, this lowly slave had a brilliant idea that I just could not pass up.

After a discussion, My naughty boy bought Me exactly what he wanted Me to wear for our next session. He’s an experienced nylon fetishist, so I knew that what he would get for his Mistress would be the highest quality available. La Perla seamed nude nylons that ended just mid-thigh were paired up with an Agent Provocateur black garter belt. He even had a Jean Yu robe made especially for me using the measurements that I gave him. These were delivered to Me before our session so I could inspect their quality and I was pleased to say he had done quite well.

And what did my little slut boy get for his obedience and offering? He was allowed to massage my soft feet before slipping the expensive nylon stocking over my toes and up my leg. Then I permitted him to clasp the garter belt closed around the edge of the fabric, and kiss the tips of my nylon covered feet. After he was granted permission to complete the same ritual on my other leg, we began our session of sensual domination.

I do enjoy being spoiled by My subs. Sometimes that comes from the unwavering submission that I am given by my slaves, and other times it’s with gifts, trips and playthings. I do think I’ll be keeping this nylon loving 'subbie' around for quite a while.