Phone Session

When I answered Marc’s call I could hear the excitement in his voice. I asked him if he had gathered all the items I had asked for and he told me he had.

I asked him what he was wearing, where he was in his home and if he was watching anything. Marc told me he was wearing only panties and that he was in his living room streaming porn of a man being pegged by his dominatrix. Marc told me how hard his cock was already and that he was ready to be told what he needed to do to please me.

I instructed him to lay the towel on the floor in front of his couch and to put all the items he had gathered near the towel and to kneel on the towel. I told him since he was hard already, he could not touch himself until he was instructed. Marc told me he had extra strength Ben Gay and I told him to put a generous amount on his balls and to attach clothespins to his nipples. I heard him squeal in pain as the clothespins went on. I told him he would get used to the discomfort momentarily and he did. Just as his nipples adjusted to his predicament, his balls became extremely hot and uncomfortable from the Ben Gay. I asked if they burned and he said they did. I asked if he was still hard and he said he was not.

I instructed him to spit on his hand and to get his cock hard and to stop as soon as it was erect. Marc was hard within 30 seconds and told me the feeling on his balls was intense. I told Marc to take one of the ice cubes and to rub it on his balls. After a few seconds I told Marc to shove what remained of the ice cube up his ass. I could tell that Marc had done this immediately and before the cold could be felt I had him do the same thing with 3 more ice cubes.
Before the ice had a chance to melt all the way I told Marc to lube up a butt plug and to stop the water from leaking by plugging his ass. I asked him how the ice felt in his ass and he explained between the hot on his balls and the cold in his ass, his genitals were completely confused and incredibly aroused at the same time. He told me he was dripping precum and I told him to eat it. From the sound, I could tell he had.
My next instruction was for Marc to remove the butt plug and to put 6 or 7 more ice cubes up his ass and to immediately lube up his dildo, lay on his back and to fuck the ice cubes deep into his rectum. The dildo made a sloppy sound from all the melted water, a sound loud enough for me to hear.
Marc told me that his cock was dripping so much that his precum had filled his belly button and begged me to let him eat it. I told him he could and that he was expected to clean his own mess. As the cubes melted I told Marc to sit up and to hold the dildo in has ass as he sat on it. Now, “bounce your ass up and down and fuck yourself with the dildo and while you are doing that, jerk your cock off but don't dare cum” I instructed.
I told a Marc to slow his pace because I didn't want him to have an accident. I whispered in his ear what an obedient pet he was and that when I saw him in a couple of days I would teach him some new tricks. I told him that he was turning into a very good submissive and that he would be rewarded.
I ordered him to stop bouncing and stroking. “Lay on your back and slide back so your head is against the couch and while holding the dildo in place in your ass swing your legs over your head.” (Marc was relatively young and in good shape so I knew this would not be hard for him.) I asked if he could rest his legs on the seat of the couch while he was in this position and he said he could. Marc was now positioned with his legs over his head and his cock pointing at his face. I told him it was time for his reward.
“Remove the clothes pins” I tell him. I hear the yelp of pain as the blood rushes to his nipples. “Fuck your ass with the dildo with one hand and jerk your dick with the other” I order. I told Marc to aim for his mouth and to not stop until his mouth and face are covered with his cum. Within a minute Marc says he is about to cum and I tell him to take the dildo out of his ass while he cums. (This releases the pressure on his prostate and allows for a gigantic explosion

of cum.) I hear him moaning in ecstasy and wish I could see how he looks with his legs in the air and his face covered with cum.
I tell him to lower his legs and to feed himself whatever cum did not make it into his mouth. I hear him slurping and moaning.

Marc tells me that he is laying on the floor reeling in the aftermath and feeling totally relieved. He thanks me over and over again for letting him serve me.
I told Marc to continue the routine he was previously instructed for the next two days until he would see me in person and of course not to cum.

He promised he would and was counting the hours until he could see me. “Goodbye for now my little slave”, I whispered and I hung up the phone.