Pleasure Bound

Mistress Victoria and her passion for women.

Mistress Victoria and her passion for women.

Not all of my clients are male.  Occasionally I get a rare treat, and a female submissive approaches me seeking my expertise.  Julia was curious about shibari.

Originally a Japanese method of binding captives from the fifteenth through eighteenth centuries in a way that both immobilized and honored them, the shibari we know now has less to do with martial arts and more to do with sensuality.

But it still immobilizes the captive.

There are many, many beautiful forms of shibari, and there are many, many ways to use it.  My preferred method is a combination of style and functionality, one that gives me access to do what I want to do, but that also looks beautiful.  It's not often that I get an opportunity to practice it, and so it was with excitement that I agreed to meet Julia.

She knocked at my door, and I let her in, answering the door wearing a black leather skirt and a tight-fitting leather uniform.  A petite thing with long, brown hair, she would be a great model for shibari.

She was a shy girl, but she knew that she wanted to participate, and so without much delay, I invited her to crawl up into a hammock I had set up.  She looked at me, confused, since she didn't know about any shibari involving a hammock, but I told her to trust me, and she got in.

I lowered the hammock almost to the ground and descended upon her with many, many feet of rope, applying it to her hands, to her feet, to her body, to her breasts.  It didn't look like much, but at last I was finished and ready to spring the surprise on her.  I stood with my pussy over her head to give her a view up my skirt.

She gasped.  Hidden on the inside of my skirt was an hourglass-shaped adornment that was as red as my lips and fingernails.

"Yes," I hissed, "I have caught you in my web."

Her eyes widened, and I began pulling on a rope connected to a system of pulleys near one of the walls.  The hammock to which she was tied began to spread itself out, spread-eagling her with it.  The knots I'd tied perfectly cross-crossed over her body to resemble a spider web that radiated out from her bellybutton and tied itself off on various points of the hammock.  Similar spider web-shaped bonds immobilized her arms and legs and radiated from each of her breasts.

Her breath taken away by the ornate rope work and the helplessness of her situation, she looked up at me with a combination of nervousness, anticipation, and awe as I slid a rolling bondage table beneath her and lowered her and the hammock down onto it, leaving her spread-eagled over it.

"But as any good black widow does, I must feed!" I said, approaching her with something in my hands.

"F-f-feed?" Julia gasped.

"Yes!" I replied.  "And I feed on orgasms!"

In a fluid movement, I flipped on the Hitachi vibrator in my hands and pressed it against her exposed pussy.  She gasped and moaned.  The situation itself had already gotten her aroused, and her sex glistened against the vibrator.  She squirmed, trying to escape the tormenting vibrator, but to no avail.  The bonds held her tightly, keeping her ensnared and immobilized against the hammock.

"Ohh!  Ahh!" she cried as the vibrator ground against her clit.  She bucked against the restraints, but they would not give.  I had her in my clutches, and there was nothing she could do to escape.  Yet just as she was about to orgasm, I stopped.

She looked at me wildly and piteously.  "Why did you stop?" she cried.

I leaned over her and took one of her nipples in my mouth, flicking my tongue over the sensitive skin, and she squirmed, whimpering in frustration.

"Because a delayed orgasm is a more powerful orgasm," I replied at length.  I brought my fingers up to caress her clit, which stuck out hard against its hood, making it an easy target.  As I stroked it, a groan formed in her throat and got louder and louder.

When I felt her orgasm was imminent, I plunged the vibrator onto her clit, and she screamed as her orgasm wracked her body.  I lifted the hammock slightly to keep her from banging her head against the table.

"Ohh, ohh, ohh!" she cried as one orgasm led directly into the next one, and then another.  Her breath caught, and her body fought hard to protect itself from the invading vibrator.  I finally let off and let her breathe.  In the excitement, I might have needed a breather myself!

"You have good orgasms," I told her appreciatively.  She smiled exhaustedly up at me, her hair wet with sweat.  "But I must feed some more," I told her.  Her face paled, and she shook her head.

"No more!" she said.  "I can't take it!"

"Oh, but you can," I told her.  "I know you can.  And you will!"

I took a small vibrator from a nearby table, turned it on, and put it inside of her to work its magic, slowly building her up while I focused on her other sensitive parts.  Putting a new head on the Hitachi, I turned it on and slowly brought it towards her nipples.  She squirmed and fought to get away, squeezing her eyes shut in anticipation, but the vibrator unrelentingly drew nearer and nearer to her.  With a wicked grin, I let it hover just over her breast until she opened her eyes to look.

Then I made contact.  The vibrations surged through her nipple and spread through her body.  She couldn't speak; she could only feel and babble as the waves of pleasure flowed through her, growing in intensity, until another crescending moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

The tipping point was when I flicked my tongue on her other nipple.

With a cry, Julia's body thrashed as another orgasm ripped through her, and another, and another.  Her sex clamped down on the vibrator that was still inside of her and pushed it out, dropping it on the bondage table.  She gasped for air as I removed the Hitachi from her nipple.

"Yes!" I purred, "your orgasms have given me strength!"

I turned away from her and spoke over my shoulder.  "And now that I have fed," I continued, turning around, "I must give you my sting!"

She groaned wearily, yet I still sensed excitement.  I had on a large strap-on dildo, long, tapered, and pointed, with a little curve to it like one might imagine a wasp's stinger.  Unknown to her, the tip contained another vibrator.  I advanced menacingly to her, the curved dildo proceeding like a dagger.  She gulped and struggled, but by now her strength had given out, and her attempts were feeble at best.  She lay bound on the table, her pussy wet, swollen, and dripping, spread open wide for the dildo by the bonds that held her fast.

I touched the dildo to her swollen lips and started the vibrator.  She whimpered: she hadn't the strength to fight the sensations, but they seemed overwhelming nevertheless.  I brought the tip of the dildo to rest on her clit, and she sobbed in frustrated, exhausted arousal as the vibrations filled her body with anticipation.

At last, I reared back and pushed into her, the dildo rubbing against her insides and stimulating them mercilessly.  It pleasured me, too, rubbing against my clit, already swollen from the excitement of having gotten Julia off so many times.  The last few hours of tying and edging had been about her.  Now it was my turn to get off, and I took my time, slowly building my orgasm as the sensations evoked one after the other from her.

She trembled as my orgasm hit.  With a gasp, I plunged into her with the dildo and felt my orgasm take me, making my body clench tightly.  The knowledge that as I orgasmed, she orgasmed again only excited me, and my orgasm lasted over a minute before I was spent.

I breathed a sigh of relief and pulled out of her, turning off the dildo.  Then I turned my attention to her, lying there drenched on the bondage table.  Cradling her head, I offered her water from a straw, which she took gratefully.

I smiled at her.  "See?" I said.  "I told you could do it."  She smiled up at me gratefully.

She'll be back, and I will enjoy it.