Secret of Foot Fetishism


Nowadays, sex seems to be everywhere. Sexual images keep bombarding us from the moment we turn on the TV, switch the PC on or walk down the block. Human obsession with sex is certainly not new, but the way we view it definitely is. Most people’s sexual proclivities were kept behind closed doors just a while ago, today, a fetish became a daily routine for many and could also become a honor. Or is it perhaps a door into a social circle of self- expression? Each person is unique, with different wants, fantasies and imaginations. Today, let’s talk about a sexy foot fetishism. For some hated and an absolute turn off, but for the fetishy once, feet is an object of worship and desire. Naked, in the stockings, Christian Louboutin pumps, or in a harsh leather boots, there is something for everyone. Foot lovers can range from those who simply want to look at the feet, to those who want to kiss, lick, touch them and even pleasure themselves with them. Surprisingly foot fetish has a long history since the first historical record is coming from the 1220 AD through German preacher Bertold of Regensburg who referenced the public love of feet in his writing. Other famous foot lovers include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Elvis and Andy Warhol. I have to admit, I love to have my feet worshipped as a true Goddess! There is nothing better than a proper foot worships and massage from my devoted foot slaves. Always freshly manicured, with red or dark nail polish, I love to have my beautiful feet treated well and with respect.