Sentiments of a sub

Victoria in a Syrene latex dress, Den of Iniquity, Los Angeles

Victoria in a Syrene latex dress, Den of Iniquity, Los Angeles

She moved the eye mask down, but the gag in my mouth didn’t let me utter the words that She was inspiring in my brain. Mistress Victoria allowed me to look at Her, leaning against Her bondage bench, crop in hand. She spread her legs just enough so that I could only dream about what was under the latex dress, all the while teasing me with the few words that She sent in my direction. “Be a good little slut, and I’ll let you see more.”

As she walked over, I could hear the muted click clack of Mistress’s heels against the carpeted floor. In a quick movement, she had pulled the blindfold back up, and started tracing a line from my heel all the way up to my cock-cage covered dick with her cold crop. I wanted to tell Her every single dirty thought that was running through my mind, but Her instructions were to remain silent. Still, I couldn’t help but let out a muffled moan from behind the ball gag.

The speed of Her reaction and the sting of the crop reminded me of my lowly place.

“I know you want to make Me happy, Michael. But, I’ve told you not to speak. I want your desire to please Me to overcome any primal instinct you have.”

The crop’s second kiss was harder than the first, but I was a good little boy and remained silent. The third and fourth hit their marks before Mistress traced over the raised bruises with her warm palm.

Her words played in my ears again, filling my memory of her long bare legs, firm arms and fiery eyes leaning up against that leather covered bench. I imagined those perfect toes pointed down into the heels that I had bought Her last week. She was right – I wanted to please Her in every way possible. I wanted Her to break me down and mold me into her perfect little slave, to tell me what a naughty little boy I am in one breath and telling me how She’s turning me into her perfect little slave the next.