The Pony Inside

Pony Fantasy is so much fun! Not only for a sub, mistress Victoria loves it so much!

Pony Fantasy is so much fun! Not only for a sub, mistress Victoria loves it so much!

Hidden deep inside this ordinary-looking guy is a pony begging to be unleashed, yearning to be trained and put to good use. Mistress Victoria finally set the pony free. It's a fantasy I've had for many years, but I couldn't find anyone who knew what she was doing to help me realize it. When I found "pony training" among Mistress Victoria's interests, I knew I had to schedule a session. I was nervous. I've never met anyone for anything like this before, but she instantly put me at ease. We discussed what pony play meant to me, and she said that we'd go slowly. I stripped, feeling self-conscious, but with the tip of a riding crop, she pushed my hands away from my groin. "Ponies don't worry about being nude," she said. She reached down and caressed my crotch, and I felt my eyes glaze over. With the allure of her perfume and her delicate, sensuous touch, I wondered whether I'd be able to concentrate on being a pony at all!

She brought a bit over to put in my mouth. "When this goes in," she said, "you’re no longer human. You don’t speak; you don’t use your hands. You follow instructions. Understand?" Her Eastern European accent was both soothing and titillating at the same time, and I nodded.

The bit went in. It was rubbery and large, and it made me drool. I moved my hands to prevent it, and I received a smack on the ass from her crop. I jumped and covered my butt, giving her a pleading expression. "No hands," she reminded me, and as I nodded, she put leather cuffs on my wrists and secured them behind me. At least I didn't have to worry about slipping up on that again. She rubbed my face, her body pressed close to mine. I closed my eyes and focused on her soothing touch. She whispered sweet nothings in my ear as if I was a real pony, and I felt the urge to nuzzle her. When I did so, she laughed and caught my face, rubbing my cheek with the palm of her hand. I felt my inhibitions dropping and lowered my head to nuzzle her breasts, perfectly round and inviting. She encouraged it and even took one out to give me better access. Oh, fuck, it was perfect! Her skin was so soft, and her nipple tasted so good!

Fastening two long, leather straps to the sides of my bit and extending them behind me, she gently reminded me the reason why I was here. "Ponies don't speak our language," she said into my ear. Her accent was husky, low, and seductive. Just her voice alone made my pony shaft emerge. "They go off cues," she continued. Glancing down, she grinned and stroked my little pony. I grunted, and she grinned. Her teeth were perfect, and her blue eyes flashed mischievously. "I'm going to give you a command and then cue you," she said, disappearing from view. I moaned, sad that she'd stopped petting my pony. The sound of her heels clicking on the floor told me she was behind me. I felt her hand run down my back, making me shudder. There was a short flip of the reins on both sides of my bit. "Gehen," she said. I stood, unsure of what to do. I felt the reins flip again, and she repeated the command. I felt a tap on my butt. I took a step forward. "Wunderbar!" she exclaimed, rubbing my head excitedly. As an extra treat, she ran her finger between my balls and up my cock. I gasped. Her heels clicked away, and I whimpered. Whatever I'd done, it must have been the right thing, but I knew I'd have to do more to please her. I couldn't believe it! I'd just taken my first step as a pony!

She said "gehen" again, and she flipped the reins. I took a step forward and paused, hoping she would pet her pony the special way again. She rubbed my head, but then she flipped the reins again. I took another step. "Gehen, gehen!" she said. I started walking forwards. "Wunderbar!" I heard, and I beamed with pride. Was this actually happening? Was my pony self actually being trained? Her blonde hair brushed on my nose as she leaned forward to tantalize my cock, and I smelled her again, so inviting, so enticing. I felt her hands on my chest as she hugged me close. I felt like a cherished pet, a prized stud pony being taught how to please his owner. And the reward for good behavior was so alluring.

She cued me forward again, and this time I did it just right. But we were headed for a wall, and I was getting kinda nervous. I hesitated. I felt a tug on one side of my bit, and I heard "Rechts." What on earth did that mean? The wall was getting closer. The tug on my bit grew more persistent until I had to turn right, just before I hit the wall. "Wunderbar! Sehr gut!" She rubbed my head, and I grinned from around the bit.

"Rechts," she said again. I turned to the right. "Sehr gut!" She approached me from the front, flipping the reins over my head so that she could hold onto them while she scratched my forehead.

"Tut das Pony wünschen eine Karotte?" Mistress Victoria asked. I stared at her. "Sie wollen eine Karotte?" she asked encouragingly. I shook my head helplessly. "Nein?" she asked. She held up a carrot. Something clicked in my brain, or my pony brain, or both our brains, and all of a sudden, I could think of nothing else. I leaned forward for the carrot. Mistress Victoria laughed. In retrospect, she had a beautiful laugh, rich and sincere, but at the time, that was the last thing on my mind. I wanted that carrot!

"Uh, uh!" Mistress Victoria scolded me and held the reins tightly under my chin. I tried to get to the carrot, but a sharp jolt to the reins stopped me. She waited a moment and then gave me the carrot. It was difficult to chew with the bit in my mouth, but I managed. To this day, that was the most delicious carrot I've ever eaten. Still, that paled in comparison to what happened next.

Mistress Victoria tied my reins to a ring in the wall and left me standing there. She went to a bucket nearby and bent over. My cock went rock-solid when I saw that she wore no panties. Her perfect pussy peeked out from beneath her riding skirt, beckoning to me, and I took a step towards her. The reins held me back. I whimpered and stamped my hoof—did I just say that? I wanted to be the stud pony then, to bury myself inside of those beautiful, budding folds. She stood up, a couple of brushes in her hands, and advanced to me nonchalantly. I snorted and pawed excitedly.

"Ist das Pony geil?" she asked. I didn't know what she meant, but the look on her face told me she was up to something. I breathed faster and whimpered as she turned her back to me, slowly bending at the waist and looking over her shoulder. She looked like a mare in heat. Oh, fuck! I pulled against my reins, but they wouldn't let me get close enough to mount her. Desperately I pulled, but to no avail. Lowering my head, I pulled as hard as I could, and I could smell her pussy. Fuck, it was hot. She was moist, and the smell was slightly sweet and oh, so tempting. I stretched and was just barely able to get my tongue to touch her folds. My cock oozed precum as I tasted a hint of her. I saw her butt quiver just a little bit.

"Ohhh, gut Pony," she said, her voice quavering. She took a tiny step back towards me, letting my tongue penetrate deeper. Oh... She tasted better than she smelled, and I licked into her folds greedily, trying to swallow every drop of her arousal. I think she liked it, too. She tried to hide it, but her legs wobbled, and she pushed back against me even more, getting close enough that I could lick her clit. Oh, fuck, I wish she'd let me finish her!

"Gut Pony," she said again, her voice still unsteady as she straightened and stepped out of my reach. I whimpered lustfully and pulled against my reins, bobbing my head impatiently. "Whoa," she said soothingly, her accent only turning me on even more. I did my best to give her a needy look from around the bit. She smiled faintly and ran the brush down my chest. I gasped, and my cock bounced. Her brushes sent tantalizing electric sensations down my body. She brushed my nipple, and I almost lost it. Thank goodness the bit was there to hold my head up! Her brushes stroked lower and lower, and I began to fidget, whimpering desperately into my bit. By the time she made it to my aching nuts, I couldn't stand it anymore. My little pony had his day, shooting into the air.

"Gut," Mistress Victoria said, nodding approvingly, "Hier finden Sie eine feine Hengst zu machen. Gute Samen."

I don't know what that meant, but the words bouncing off her tongue like a sultry song and the blissful afterglow of the orgasm made me really eager for next time.