I had my new sub stand up. His erection was waning. I like to keep my subs on edge, so I instructed him to look at me and stroke his cock. I told him I wanted him to edge himself but to not dare cum. I sat on the bondage table and gave him visual encouragement by seductively touching myself through my panties. I told him that I would make him into my bitch, that he would never forget this day and that long after the session he would not be able to get this imagery out of his mind and that he would long for permission to see me again.  As he got more and more excited I stopped him abruptly with a slap on his cock with my crop. I whispered in his ear that he was becoming my sub and that he would do anything for me. He nodded in agreement.


Back on his knees I had my new sub kiss and lick my open toed shoes and lick and kiss my toes through my stockings. I find that many subs who do not think they like foot worship end up craving my immaculate feet, especially when I give them permission to gaze into my eyes while they worship them.


"Enough for now, on your back", I commanded. Immediately Marc is on his back. I begin to walk around him.  I gently kick his balls and less gently step on his cock increasing the pressure until I see the pain in his eyes. I take my foot off his cock and order him to get his cock rock hard and again warned him about cuming. After a Minute and a smack to his cock, I ordered him to stop. I proceed to playfully tease his lips with the tip of my stiletto he heel. Marc instinctively held my foot to steady me and began to suck on my heel as if it were a cock. He moved my foot up and down while sucking the heel lustfully. I quickly realize that he would be a good little cocksucker, (but that would wait for another day). I praised him and instructed him to sit down on the edge of the bondage table. As he stood and went to the table Inoticed a glimmer of fear in his eyes and told I told him in a soothing voice to relax. As he walked, I smacked his ass with the crop so hard he let out a little scream. When he sat, I smacked his cock and balls keeping him in a state of both pleasure and pain.


I proceeded to put cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He watched with excitement and fear. Again I calmed him with my voice. I told him to trust me and let go of his inhibitions. I instructed him to lay down on the table, with his knees up and his ass at the edge of the table. I hooked his cuffs to the sides of the table. I always leave enough slack so my sub can move a bit to find a position that is a bit less restricting. Next I put a blindfold on my new sub. I enjoy knowing that fear, trepidation and curiosity are running through his mind as he realizes that he is helpless and virtually blind. Next I put a ball gag in his mouth and explain to him if he needs me to stop to pat the table with his right hand 3 times and that I will stop immediately and remove the gag and blindfold. I reassure him not to worry. I ask if he understands, he nods. All the while I am telling him to relax as he getting what he has always wanted, to lose control.



I unhook his right hand and instruct him to get his now waning erection hard again. As he is preoccupied with his cock and his predicament, I put on my rubber gloves and get three dildos out, small medium and large. I put condoms on the dildos. All the while making sure that he can hear the sounds, the snap of the rubber as I put on the gloves, the tearing of the condom wrappers, etc. All done slowly and deliberately as I walk around the table with my heels echoing on the floor.


When I am prepared I slap his now rock hard with my crop, order him to stop and refasten his hand to the table. I lube up the smallest dildo which is just a bit wider then a finger and I slowly and carefully slip it into his exposed ass. He is fighting it and I tell him to breathe and to enjoy being my little bitch. I tell him he will be trained to get fucked like an obedient bitch boy. After a few deep breaths he is not fighting and is actually pushing back on the dildo. I praise him with words and a gentle stroke on his cock which is already bouncing up in down to the rhythm of the dildo in has ass.  After Marc is accustomed to the small dildo I decideit is time to try the medium sized dildo. As I slide the small dildo out, I notice very little residue and praise Marc for doing a thorough job of cleaning himself before our session. He nods and I can sense he is proud of himself.


As I begin to slide the dildo in I can see that this is causing more discomfort then he can handle. After some gentle tries, he taps the table 3 times. I immediately stop, remove the blindfold and the ball gag. He looks extremely relieved. I explain to him that he will need to do some work at home in order to prepare himself to be properly fucked in the future. He agrees and I can tell he is serious. He enjoyed the experience and will crave more. I unhook his hands and tell him to finger his ass and jerk off while I prepare him for his next task. The blindfold goes back on and I squirt some lube on his hands. I put out some plastic on the floor. I smack his cock with my crop telling him to stop playing with himself, I unhook his ankles and I remove his blindfold. I ask Marc if he is ready for his reward for being such an obedient sub. He answers yes and appears extremely excited...

To be continued...