Training a new sub part 3.

I'm getting ready for you... My new sub..

I'm getting ready for you... My new sub..

I have Marc stand on the plastic. He looks sheepishly at the ground not daring to make eye contact. I decide I will have him entertain me while I sit back and enjoy a large glass of water. I tell Marc his new name is Mary and she is going to dance for me like a stripper. I have her put on a pair of panties and a bra that I throw at her and tell her to seduce me with body movements. I give permission to look at me. I instructed Mary to dress (and undress) in a feminine way. To bring out her inner sissy. She looks so pathetic gyrating around. I tell her she will have to work on her dancing and next time I will have her in high heels. I tell her to seductively strip starting with the bra. Slowly she removes her bra and swings it in the air over her head while she moves her hips. I comment on her technique. She looks utterly ridiculous. I tell Mary to turn around, bend over and to lower her panties seductively showing me her pink bunghole. After she lowers her panties to her ankles she looks at me through her legs and reaches between her legs and starts to finger her ass. What a good little bitchboy Mary is turning into.


As she fingers her ass her clitty starts to get harder. Mary turns around and I instruct her to play with her clitty. I smack it with the crop and laugh. I have Mary bounce her clitty up and down without touching it. “Stop” I order her. She stands motionless and her clitty starts to drool all over the plastic. I tell Mary that she has to clean her mess up and order her to her knees and instruct her to lick her precum off the plastic. There is a look of shock in her eyes, but quickly realizes I am not kidding and reluctantly at first starts licking. I crop her ass a few times and tell Mary to clean the mess up more enthusiastically and she does.


“On your back centered on the plastic on the floor”, I order. He is on the floor before I can blink. I commend Marc on being a good sub and ask him again if he is ready for his reward. He nods anxiously. I walk around him, squirt some more lube on his cockand tell him he has to keep himself hard and remind him he can only cum when and if I allow. I stand over him straddling his head with my ankles. I give him permission to stare up at my panties. As he does, I bend my knees bringing my pussy about 2 feet above his face. I pull my panties to the side and as he admires my perfect and perfectly hairless pussy I let some urine flow onto his face. Marc is startled at first, but quickly realizes he likes the warmth on his cheeks and begins licking his lips. Just a taste is all you get, if you want more you will have to earn it another time. I move down and begin to pee on his cock while he is jerking off. I tell him if he can cum while I am peeing on him he has permission to cum, but if I stop peeing he has to stop touching himself. I piss a little and stop. I repeat this 2 or 3 times and he is clearly frustrated and ready to explode. I tell him I am going to let all my piss out and that he had better cum if he can.


As I begin to let my nectar fall on his cock in a heavy stream, Marc vigorously jerks himself off and as my last drops hit his cock, Marc has a furious explosion of cum. Such a strong spurt that the cum hits him in his face and covers his chest. His body collapses. He is reeling in ecstasy. He cups his balls and coddles his cock as the waves of bliss come over him and the dopamine curses through his body. 


After a minute or two, I ask him how he was and he mumbled something about never having felt like this before. Marc sat up and we talked for a few minutes about the session. Marc was sitting in a puddle of my piss and was enjoying the sensation while we talked. We discussed how he felt and he was very open about how much he enjoyed himself. That he really was happy doing what he was told. He said the thought that he was pleasing me made it all the better. He told me how beautiful I was and that it was a privilege to serve me and a great reward to look at me. He explained how much he enjoyed being on the edge for so long and that it had made his orgasm more intense then any he had experienced before.


Without being asked Marc stood and reached for a roll of paper towels and started to clean himself and the floor. I told him how proud I was of him and what a good servant he could be.


Marc was so smitten that he asked if he could come back as soon as his schedule allowed. I told him because he had followed all my instructions before and during the session that we would be able to meet again and to email when he would like to meet.


Marc grabbed his watch to see that nearly 2 hours had passed and quickly went to shower. He dressed, thanked me profusely, left an extra donation on the credenza and left promising me that he would be in touch to make another appointment. I was sure he would.

To be continued...