Training a New Sub Part 4.

Marc had obviously enjoyed our first encounter. Not long after he left he sent me an email telling me how much he had enjoyed the session and how he had never felt like this before. He explained that he had not stopped thinking about our session since he had left. He desperately wanted to see me again and wanted to know if I was available the next day. I responded and explained that unfortunately, my work and travel schedule would not allow for another session for about a week. Marc wrote back that he was disappointed, but picked a day and time that would work and he scheduled his next session.

Later that same day, I received another email from Marc that suggested some things we might try in our next session. I courteously responded and told him that his thoughts would be taken into consideration. A couple of hours later he texted telling me that although he had only just met me, that he missed the connection he had felt. Clearly, Marc was a bit obsessed.

I have experienced this phenomenon before. A sub connects with a dom in a way that all the years of pent up desires and fantasies finally become reality and the sub feels a deep connection from the encounter. Someone finally "gets him". For a session to be successful, there is a certain level of intimacy and sexuality that need to be present. When someone new to the scene experiences this intimacy with someone he is attracted to, he can forget the professional nature of the encounter and start to read more into it; almost like how one feels after a good first date.

I explained to Marc that ours was a professional relationship and that my time was valuable. I would not be able to continue to communicate like this unless he was willing to compensate me for my time. I told him that I would be able to write to him if he were willing to send a tribute to me and told him to refer to my website to see how. Within the hour I was notified that I had received a one hundred and fifty dollar tribute in the form of a gift card. Before I could send a thank you response, Marc texted to see if I received his tribute. I wrote to him, thanked him and told him that I would now be able to text or email with him 10 times. I told him he could write whatever he wanted and that he would need to give me at least 2 hours to respond and that I would usually respond faster, but if he did not hear back within that time, it was because I was unable to and would respond at my earliest convenience. I explained that my responses would be courteous yet concise.

That evening I received a long email discussing in greater detail some of the things he wanted to explore. He talked of different fantasies and role play scenarios. It was clear that Marc had a lot of pent up energy and was looking forward to exploring many different areas of the dom/sub relationship. His interests included forced cock sucking, sissy play (but not full crossdressing), foot and body worship, amongst others. In the role play arena he was interested in exploring German Officer and prisoner, nurse and patient and schoolgirl blackmailing a lecherous teacher and more. These example were just a taste of his interests. I wrote back that all of his ideas could be worked with, but obviously not all in the same session. I was thoughtful in my response to help Marc feel as though he had been understood and "heard".

For the next 2 days, Marc wrote one email per day typically discussing one fantasy and asking how he could please me and prepare for our next encounter. I decided to key in on one fantasy in particular and instruct him how to prepare mentally and physically in advance of our next session which would be in 4 days time. I told Marc;

You are not allowed to have an orgasm until we meet. You may play with yourself, just NO orgasm. 

Purchase a couple of pairs of sexy panties.

Imagine that you are a slut that wants nothing more then to be used by and please his Goddess.

Purchase the following sex toys. (Living in NYC makes obtaining these items quickly quite simple.)

 a) A graduated dildo

b) a set of butt plugs

c) a realistic beginners dildo

I gave Marc the following instructions:

1)    Wear the panties everyday to work (wash them every evening)

2)    Begin trying to insert the butt plugs and in so doing start to stretch your ass. Leave the plug(s) in for longer periods of time each day.

3)    Practice cleaning yourself by using the graduated dildo after using the restroom. (This will help you to remove the residue in your rectum.)

4)    Begin trying to fuck yourself in the ass with the cock shaped dildo and to imagine me sliding it in and out, harder and harder. Think of me telling you what a little cock loving bitch boy you are. How pleasing me pleases you and how you would do anything to make me happy.

Finally I told him to make sure on the day of his session to properly clean himself, wear his panties and to have a butt plug "on" / in.

Marc texted 2 days before our session to tell me he had found all the items and was doing what he had been instructed to do. He begged me to allow him one orgasm as he was so horny that it was nearly impossible for him to focus on anything at home or at work. It was 7 in the evening and our session was scheduled in 48 hours. I happened to be free at the moment so I asked Marc if he would like to do phone session. I explained the tribute would be two hundred dollars for 30 minutes and if he was an obedient sub and followed my instructions, I might allow him to cum. Marc was ecstatic and excited and he quickly sent the tribute.

I emailed Marc and told him he should call as soon as he gathered the following items:

A towel, some ice cubes, a tube of Ben gay (or toothpaste), clothes pins, the dildos he had recently purchased and some lube. (I told Marc that if had a headset or earbuds to talk that would be best and that if he wanted to watch porn with no sound, that was acceptable.)

My phone rang within 5 minutes.

To be continued..........