Victoria in Balloon Land

Victoria in a pink Syren latex dress and Valentino shoes.

Victoria in a pink Syren latex dress and Valentino shoes.

There are many kinds of people with many kinds of interests. One particular experience sticks out in my mind forever. Once I got an offer from a man who had a balloon fetish! I happen to share love to latex, and so I was eager to meet him in person and experience something new, when he said he'd arranged a balloon party. Of course, if you attend a black-tie dinner, you dress up, and if you attend a sporting event, you'd be out of place without a jersey. A balloon party is no different.  His name was  John and he spared no expense, by sending me a tight-fitting, translucent pink latex dress, one that clung to my body and accentuated my every curve. It hugged my breasts and showed them off, snuggled up close to my body, and it clung to my hips like a thin glove, covering me but leaving nothing to the imagination. It was warm to wear, but ending just above my knees, the sensation of the occasional draft moving up underneath it to tantalize me made it all the more enjoyable of an experience. Of course, I loved it.

As I moved, it stretched and pulled against my legs, giving me a workout and releasing the latex scent with my every movement. Putting on some pink lipstick to match my dress and teasing my hair up, I was ready to go. Already excited by the latex and the prospect of what was to come, it seemed I couldn't get to the party fast enough.

John had asked me to meet him at a room he'd rented. I didn't know exactly what to expect, but we had met before, and I was confident that we'd have a good time. I knocked, and I heard him holler, "Come in!" from inside.

I turned the door latch and pressed, but the door was slow to move, as if something was pushing it back. I pushed hard, and to my surprise and delight, I found before me a room filled floor-to-ceiling with balloons! Clear ones, red ones, pink ones, all as big as my head, pressed against each other and against me as I pushed myself into the room. A few of the balloons escaped the door as I closed it behind me.

I giggled to myself. "This is amazing!" I called out.

"Do you like it?" he said from somewhere in the room.

"Oh, I love it!" I replied delightedly. The latex of the balloons clung to my dress and tugged and pulled on me. I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me in any direction, and I had no idea where my client was, other than from the sound of his voice.

"Where are you?" I asked him seductively.

"Come and find me!" he replied, just as seductively.

Ooh, a cat-and-mouse game. I grinned wickedly. This was soo much fun! I began to push through the balloons, following the sound of his voice.

"This must have taken you forever!" I said.

"Just four hours," he returned casually.

"Four hours!" I said, impressed. Rarely do my clients spend much time preparing for a scene, and four hours might well have been a record for any of them.

"Yup, four hours and 140 balloons," my client replied proudly.

"Well, you've definitely outdone yourself," I said, hearing his voice close to me. I peered through the balloons, but I still could not catch sight of him.

"I know you're in here," I teased.

"Right here," a voice said behind me, and I felt his hands on my hips. I whirled.

He stood in front of me wearing a black latex catsuit with blue accents. The balloons encircled his body like a body-sized halo, sticking to him and to each other. I grinned: he looked like a latex angel.

"This is wonderful," I said, moving in close to tease his body through his catsuit.

He started to reply, but the feeling of my fingers through the latex silenced him, and his eyes closed in enjoyment.

"Lie down," I told him, and he did, the balloons settling over our bodies like a latex fog. I took one of them and stroked it over his body. As it rubbed, it squeaked along his catsuit, and the vibrations tantalized him. I ran it down to his crotch, and it didn't take much rubbing before the catsuit stretched against his hardened cock.

"Good," I cooed in my eastern European accent. But I wanted some pleasure, too! An opportunity like this was too good to pass up.

Straddling his head, I lowered myself down onto him. The latex of my dress surrounded his head and rubbed, squeaking and vibrating along the neck of his catsuit. I could feel the heat of his breath as he excitedly awaited my unclothed pussy.

Slowly I lowered myself, until finally I felt his tongue on my sex. I gasped and pushed down onto him, the latex squeezing between my stomach and his chest as his tongue went deeper inside of me. I moaned with delight. His tongue was very talented.

Yet it wasn't all about me. As he ministered to my needs, I continued to run the balloon over his crotch, occasionally running my fingers alongside the lump of his cock, flicking against it, scraping it with my pink fingernails, and even running my tongue over it. He squirmed in ecstasy, and I felt his body tense.

As my own arousal grew from the feel of his tongue and breath on me, so did my desire to make him wait. I sat up, the latex on my dress pulling away from the latex on his catsuit before snapping back into place, and I brought the balloon to one of nipples that hid beneath the catsuit. I twisted the balloon over it, and the balloon squeaked, vibrating against the latex that covered his nipple. He bucked, and the lump in his crotch got harder, straining against the latex even more desperately. I grinned wickedly.

But the time was coming. I could feel my body preparing to orgasm, and I wanted to time it right. I pinched both his nipples through the latex, and I felt his breath gasp against me, a hot burst of air on my trembling lips and clit. Dragging my fingers down over the latex, squeaking it the whole way, I built his anticipation, hovering near his cock and teasing him. He groaned and whimpered, but like a good boy, he didn't beg me to get him off. Like a good boy, he waited until I was ready.

And I was ready. Dragging my nails over the lump in his crotch, I felt him buck again, felt his body tense, felt his breath go ragged, heard the latex squeak, and felt the lump jolt as he spent himself inside his catsuit. I squeezed the lump from outside the latex, and he gasped again, his breath caught up in his orgasm.

His final gasp against my pussy sent me over the edge, and an electric feeling shot from my sex into my body, through my nipples, and into my brain. I tensed my legs around his shoulders as my orgasm wracked my body. When it was over, I lay against him, the latex of our clothing gluing us together, and we both rested.

After we recovered, I thanked him for a lovely evening, and he even let me take some of the balloons home, as many as I could fit in my car. I made myself my own little balloon ballroom. I know I will relive that experience again and again!

Room full of balloons, prepared by Victoria's devoted sub.

Room full of balloons, prepared by Victoria's devoted sub.