Why do I Deny you?

Mistress Victoria in a beautiful erotic act. San Francisco, CA

Mistress Victoria in a beautiful erotic act. San Francisco, CA

I deny you my deplorable little boy because I can; it’s as simple as that. Do you think that I spend all day worrying about your pleasure and whether I will allow you to cum today? Of course I don’t, I have far more important things to occupy my mind than the needs of a whinging specimen like you. But if you are a very good sub the next time I see you, I might, just might, make all your dreams come true. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Is it that time already? You will be with me in a moment won’t you? I suppose I should make an effort to get ready for you as I fully understand just how much you adore the sight of my long legs clad in black silk stockings. I think I will wear my black lace garter from Agent Provocateur today; after all it was a gift from you and one which I know you appreciate me wearing. I slip my feet into a pair of stunning Christian Louboutin spike heels which make me around 6 feet tall, knowing that my height will intimidate you. I can hear a hesitant knock at my door, so taking my time I flick my hair back into a tight top knot. I don’t want it to get in the way when I punish you for your tardiness do I?

I stride across to the door and fling it open to see your pathetic face looking hopefully up at me. I stand back to allow you entry to my haven; this is the place where you are always at your happiest and I understand that. I allow you to be exactly who you want to be, don’t I? We have come to an understanding now though haven’t we? Not many words are needed when you have complete and utter trust in your Mistress and you know by now just how I want you to behave. It was different at the beginning though wasn’t it? I did have to chastise you several times before you came round to my way of thinking. And something which we both desire anyway is for you to receive everything which makes you happy and satisfied.

“Remove your clothing” I order. “You know the drill by now”. I stand and watch as you almost fall over in your haste to get naked in front of me. “Sit down on the floor in front of me” I intone. “You may kiss my feet”. You know that once I give permission that you are allowed to inhale me and so you ask in a timid voice, “May I remove your shoes Mistress”? I lift a foot up to allow you to do as you desire. Maybe you are having a bad day today but unusually I need to tell you to be careful how you handle my beloved Louboutins.

Your face looks so sorry that I decide to forgive you and carry on with the session. You lean eagerly towards my stocking-clad feet and gently lift one into the air asking, “May I”? I dip my head in acknowledgement of your request and you quickly begin to sniff appreciatively, licking and sucking my toes through the nylon. We have agreed already that you will be allowed to move upward to worship my legs and body and when I decide that is enough, I push you away so that I may remove my nylons. You wait with your tongue almost hanging out and remind me of a little lap-dog waiting for a treat.

“Lay down”, I order. You quickly get onto my bondage table which has already been laid out in readiness for your arrival. I swiftly restrain you until you are unable to move. Your eyes never leave my body and I bask in the feeling of knowing just how much you want what I have to give.

I slowly undress so that you can see me in my nakedness and dance seductively around the edge of the table. Your neck strains as you try not to miss one tiny alluring sway of my hips. I then place a blindfold on you and now all you can feel is my soft skin rubbing against your body as I trail my breast down the sensitive skin on the side of your waist. I lift my arm and nestle my armpit against your nose, pressing it down until I hear you gasp for breath. I just as quickly remove it from you and I can hear your deep sigh of frustration.

Picking up my feather boa I then trail that down your stomach, over your stiff cock and under your balls. You try to edge away from it as the feathers tickle the sensitive skin behind your sac, but the restraints will not allow for movement. I tie the boa into a knot, making your dick stand even more proudly as the skin of your balls turns a deep red. You moan gently so I push my nipple deep into your mouth to stop the sounds emanating from it. My breasts are large and also cover your nostrils, so I stay there for just a moment until your face turns almost as red as your balls and then move away again.

Your cock is twitching now and I know that your excitement is building. I move to the head of the table and climb up onto it, my knees either side of your head. I am facing your feet and I lunge down without warning until my spread pussy is covering your face and you can smell deep inside my cunt. I playfully flick the shiny head of your dick, pushing my cunt even harder onto your face and your tongue pops out to bury itself into my tight tunnel. As soon as you taste me you cannot help yourself and you cum. I duck out of the way having no desire to have the mess on me and watch as sprays of jizz land onto the hairs of your stomach, causing them to become matted together.

When you are finished I climb off and free your hands so you can touch yourself. I walk away, leaving you to remove your ankle cuffs and get cleaned up.