MIstress Victoria's wish list 

Gifts are never expected, that’s what makes them gifts! But Mistress Victoria loves to be spoiled and a proper gift will put her in a fabulous mood instantly! Here you can see some ideas about what she loves and her tastes. Always include the gift receipt in case the sizing, style or color need to be adjusted. If you are on a budget, a bouquet of flowers, or a small Amazon gift card always makes a nice statement. For those of you with a larger budget, the items below are hand-picked by Mistress Victoria and updated regularly.

Please do not get her any of the following: sweets, chocolate, desserts, strawberries, perfume or any other foods or alcohol. 

Mistress Victoria loves surprises. If you want to mail something to her in the United States please contact her via email at goddessvictoria@icloud.com for a shipping address. Valentine’s Day and Christmas are fabulous opportunities for your generosity, as well as Mistress Victoria's birthday, which is in mid April. 

Spank You! 

Mistress Victoria


Size Chart 

SHIRT: XS/S or 2-4 US

BRA: 34C or 70C EUR

GLOVES: XS or 6-6.5 US

PANTS: P/ XS or 2-4 US

PANTIES: S or 0/2 US

DRESS: P/XS or 2-4 US


1. Creme de la mer - the best cream ever.

2. LA MER THE EYE CONCENTRATE  - Mistresses most favorite eye cream. 

3. GIFT CERTIFICATE TO PENINSULA SPA, NEW YORK    - Being properly pampered? Peninsula Spa does it well. 

4. FOUNTAIN MED SPA GIFT CERTIFICATE  - Mistress loves beauty. 

5. BURBERRY COATS   - Lingerie and coat? Why not. 

6. AGENT PROVOCATEUR LINGERIE AND SWIMM WEAR  - I can wear this in our session. 

7. CARTIER LOVE COLLECTION - EARRINGS, BRACELETS, RINGS OR STORE CREDIT   - I nice memory from my devoted sub! Show me the "Love" and I will remember you forever. I'm happy to join you on the shopping trip. 

8. ROLEX WATCH  - For the big players and the best present you can ever give me. You will definitely get a special treat for a long term. I'll gladly join you on this shopping trip and have lunch. Let's make it a celebration. 

9. SEXY SHOES FROM LOUBOUTIN - Mistress loves killer heels. 

10. HANDBAGS FROM YVES SAINT LAUREN - to carry some of my delightful secrets in. 

11. LEATHER PANTS AND SHOES FROM YSL - dangerous look! 

12. SEPHORA MAKE-UP GIFT CARD - for the smaller budget, Mistress appreciates some cosmetics. 

13. SPA VOUCHER - Mistresses favorite spa, include massage into the voucher. 

14. LEATHER DRESSES - Leather is always sexy. 

15. LATEX - Atsuko Kudo is my most favorite latex. Anything from this brand is amazing. 

16. WHIPS - Yay! Let's crack the whip! 

17. LEATHER WEAR - I love the smell of the leather! It turns me on. 


Have fun shopping! You'll make Goddess very happy!

Mistress Victoria